Uploading video assignments using the Panopto mobile app

Uploading video assignments using the Panopto mobile app

You will need to download and sign in to the Panopto Mobile app. Detailed instructions can be found at 
Signing in to the Panopto mobile app.

Students can use the Panopto mobile app to upload videos from their mobile devices to Panopto [assignment] folders 

Tap the plus sign in the lower right corner.

Tap upload and record.

From the down menu at the top, navigate to the [assignment] folder you want to upload your video to. Then tap Choose video or audio files.

Tap Files to upload a previously recorded or tap Camera to record a new video

Once you are done recording or have selected the file you want to upload, your video upload will take place and process (Fig. 21a).

A green checkmark will appear next to the video once the upload is complete. If you recorded a new video, you can name it by simply tapping on the device-provided name in this window and typing in the new name. Note: It is important that you stay on this screen until your upload(s) are complete. 

Once your upload is complete, your video will appear in its assigned folder

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